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Forecourt controller PTS-2 is a new controller designed for use at gas stations and fuel storage facilities. It provides control over 100 brands of dispensers and 30 brands of ATG systems and probes using original communication protocols. Use of the PTS-2 controller allows implementing of Internet of Things (IoT) concepts as "Smart Dispenser", "Internet Dispenser", "Cloud Filling Station". Using communication interfaces Ethernet, Wi-Fi and RS-232 PTS-2 controller provides ability to control forecourt equipment from different control systems and with various configuration of hardware.

PTS-2 credit card sizeClick on image to enlarge

PTS-2 forecourt controller for petrol stations serves for control over petroleum, LPG and CNG dispensers and automatic tank gauge systems and probes. It knows communication protocols of a great variety of dispensers and ATG systems and console and allows control over any of them in exactly the same way using its own input communication protocols or popular pumps and ATG systems communication protocols. POS systems, cash registers, payment terminals and mobile applications thus can provide control over any of the dispensers on the forecourt and should not matter what are the brands of dispensers and ATG systems used – using PTS-2 controller they can provide control over all of them in the same way, PTS-2 controller undertakes all work on communication with dispensers and ATG systems using their native communication protocols and takes into account all their peculiarities. This completely simplifies work for a developer of control system: by having implemented communication protocol of PTS-2 controller you gain ability to provide control over any of dispensers and ATG systems supported by PTS-2 controller in a single way. Thus, the time required for development of POS system, cash register, payment terminal or mobile applications is significantly reduced.

Features and benefits:

  • Credit card size for easy installation in any hardware
  • Supports 100 brands of dispensers
  • Supports 30 brands of ATG systems and probes
  • SSL/TLS layers for secured communication
  • Built-in web-server for monitoring, configuration, reporting and control
  • Communication interfaces: RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Rich set of interface converters
  • Automatic operation with storage of sales to local database
  • Automatic upload of data to remote server
  • Rich API for integration by developers
  • Android application for remote control
  • Cost effective

General view

Forecourt controller for petrol stations
Fuel pump solutions: forecourt controller

Forecourt controller for gas stations
Forecourt controller manufactures
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Applications in various areas

1. Control over dispensers and ATG probes from various control systems

PTS-2 controller provides rich API for easy integration with POS systems, OPT terminals, cash registers, mobile and server applications and other control systems for petrol stations. Simultaneous control over forecourt equipment from several control systems connected to different interfaces in PTS-2 controller.

PTS-2 forecourt controller general schemeClick on image to enlarge

2. Automatic operation of petrol station with export of sales and tank remains to remote server

PTS-2 controller allows automatic operation over dispensers and ATG probes:

  • authorizes the dispensers automatically once nozzle is taken up and records all transactions into local database
  • keeps control over tanks and records all changes in their remains into local database
  • provides remote online monitoring over operations
  • provides remote generation of reports
  • exports all sales and tanks measurements from local database to remote server, where it is possible to generate reports on all sales remotely
PTS-2 controller automatic operationClick on image to enlarge

3. Make dispensers and ATG probes be IoT devices

PTS-2 controller can be installed inside the dispensers and near ATG probes and thus make them become IoT devices (Internet of Things) with easy monitoring, control, configuration and reporting from any point worldwide. Installation of PTS-2 controller inside the dispenser allows to make a dispenser to be “Smart” or “Internet” dispenser. Control over the dispenser becomes available through Wi-Fi, thus installation is facilitated due to no need to place wired communication lines.

PTS-2 controller automatic operationClick on image to enlarge

4. Integration with payment systems, retail POS and company ERP systems

PTS-2 controller has rich API for developers and can be easily integrated with payment software systems, retail POS systems and ERP software. PTS-2 controller pushes information on each performed transaction to remote server, so server can get all data on sales immediately from PTS-2 controller.

PTS-2 controller payment server authorizationClick on image to enlarge

5. Make fuel tankers be IoT devices

PTS-2 controller can be installed inside the fuel tanker and thus make it become IoT device (Internet of Things) with easy monitoring, control, configuration and reporting from any point worldwide.

Make fuel tankers be IoT devicesClick on image to enlarge


  • Supports over 70 communication protocols of fuel dispensers and ATG systems. List of supported communication protocols is constantly growing. Single firmware of PTS-2 controller contains all available communication protocols for fuel dispensers and ATG systems.
  • Control up to 64 fuel dispenser sides (fueling places): PTS-2 controller has 4 independent pump ports, each of them can be configured to its own communication protocol and baud rate, thus PTS-2 controller provides communication with connected dispensers simultaneously using up to 4 various communication protocols.
  • Control up to 32 ATG probes (gauges): PTS-2 controller has 3 independent probe ports, each of them can be configured to its own communication protocol and baud rate, thus PTS-2 controller provides communication with connected probes simultaneously using up to 3 various communication protocols.
  • Credit-card size: suits to any dimensions for installation inside master systems.
  • Support of 100 brands of fuel dispensers from various manufacturers: 2A, Actronic, Adast (Adamov Systems), Ag Walker, Agira, Angi International, Ariel, Aspro, Assytech, Astron, Azt, Baransay, Batchen, Bennett, Blue Sky, Censtar, CFT Clean Fuel, Compac, Coptron, Coritec, Datian Machines, Dem G. Spyrides, Develco, Dong Hwa Prime, Durulsan, Eaglestar, Emgaz Dragon, Epco, Esiwelma, Europump, Falcon LPG, Fornovo Gas, Fuelquip, Fuelsis, Galileo, Gaslin, Gerkon, Gilbarco, Greenfield, Hitachi, Hong Yang, IMW, Intermech, Kalvacha, Kievniigaz, Korea Ene, KPG-2, Kraus, Kwangshin, Lanfeng, LG Ene, Logitron, Maser, Meksan / Wayne SU86, Mekser, Mepsan, Midco, MM Petro (Zap), Motogaz, MS GAs, Nara, Nuova Migas, Nuovo Pignone, PEC (Gallagher Fuel Systems), Petposan, Petroequip, Petromeccanica, Petrotec, Prowalco, Pump Control, Real-Tech, RIX, Safe, Salzkotten, Sanki, Sea Bird, Shelf, Scheidt & Bachmann, Shibata, Slavutich, Somo Petro, Star, Tatsuno (Japan), Tatsuno Europe (former Benc), Tekser, Tokheim, Tokheim India, Tokico, Tominaga, Topaz, Transponder, Ucar Elektric, Unicon-TIT, Vanzetti, Wayne Dresser, Wayne Pignone, Yenen, Zcheng Genuine Machines and others.
  • Support of 30 types of automatic tank gauge (ATG) systems of various manufactures: Accu, Alisonic, Assytech, Bluesky, Dut-E, Eaglestar, Ebw, Enraf, Fafnir, Franklin Fueling, Gamicos, Gilbarco Veeder Root, Hectronic, Hong Yang, Humanentec, Incon, Labko, Mts Atg Sensors, North Falcon, Omnicomm, Omntec, Opw, Qingdao Guihe, Start Italiana, Struna, Uniprobe, Vega, Windbell and others.

Technical characteristics

Power supply voltage12 V DC
Current consumption700 mA max
Temperature rangefrom -40°C to +80°C
Weight200 g
Overall dimensions85 x 58 x 30 mm

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