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LE3D - Artmos

Communicating with the power of light

ARTMOS has developed the world’s first commercial LE3D-Globe. Capture people’s attention: on your company’s buildings, your exhibition booth, your club, your reception area, or any other place that lets its light shine.

More than a Display
Our powerful, remote-controlled software will manage the display of your interactive images and films across the entire LE3D surface.

Unique One-Off Pieces – Every Time
Your visions and expectations will determine the workings and the outfit of your LE3D.

Made in Germany
For decades, “Made in Germany” has been a mark of quality for people across the world buying top products from Germany. The precision, reliability, and quality that our customers worldwide are right to expect demands reliable suppliers, clear communication, and absolute commitment. This is our “Made in Germany” promise!

About the product:

The first LE3D-Globe:

with a diameter of 192 cm
weighs only 320 kg and is fully BGV C1 certified
is ready for upright or hanging mounting
is sunlight-resistant
is mobile and easy to assemble / dismantle with its tailor-made trailer

Buying your very own LE3D:

Available in all sizes from 80 cm to 30 m in diameter
tailored to match your chosen application (luminosity, IP class, surface finish …)
with up to five years warranty

We can offer you the following optional services:

servicing and maintenance for hardware and software
individual animations, games, and applications with your own branding
administration of your playlists and contents according to your requests.