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Hardware & Software Solution for Petrol Stations


Company "TECHNOTRADE LTD" is engaged in development, manufacture and supplies of hardware and software solutions for petrol stations.


Company "TECHNOTRADE LTD" is engaged in development and manufacture of hardware and software solutions since 1993. Our main direction of activity is manufacture of equipment and software solutions for Petrol Stations and storage depots. During these years they have gathered a great experience in this field. Solutions include:


Fiscal POS systems and cash registers for petrol stations;

Fiscal printers and fiscal modules for petrol stations;

Controllers over fuel delivery dispensers (pumps);

Control and account software for POS systems (Front-Office);

Back-Office and Head-Office software;

Smart-card payment systems in the petroleum market (discount-bonus system of cashless payment);

Software for management over logistics of petroleum products to petrol stations;

Computer control systems for petrol stations;

Remote control panels over fuel delivery dispensers (pumps);

Level measurement systems for petrol staions and storage repots;

Fuel delivery dispensers (pumps) for petrol stations and storage depots;

Wireless communication devices for wireless control over delivery dispensers;

Electronics for fuel delivery dispensers;

System for remote reservoirs monitoring at petrol stations;

Equipment for petroleum quality analysis (octane number meter, laboratory kit);

LED price boards, information boards and creeping lines for petrol stations;

Complex of loud-speaking communication for petrol stations;

System of remote monitoring and control over cash registers


POS Systems

PTS Controllers

Hardware / Software

ATG Systems / Level Meters       

Fuel Dispensers etc

Complete Automation of Petrol Stations

PTS Controller over fuel dispensers and ATG Systems:

Fuel pump controller (PTS controller) is intended to be used in connection with a POS system or a cash register to provide simultaneous control over various types of electronic fuel delivery dispensers of various manufactures: Wayne Dresser, Gilbarco, Tokheim, Nuovo Pignone, Tatsuno, Tatsuno Benc, Petrotec, Adast, MM Petro, Develco, Safe, Galileo, Slavutich, Shelf, Unigaz, Batchen, automatic tank gauge (ATG) systems: Gilbarco Veeder Root, Hectronic, Struna, PetroVend, Start Italiana and others.

NaftaPOS - Front Office Software for Petrol Station: 

Front-Office software "NaftaPOS" is intended for control over technological processes, automated measurement and commercial account at petrol stations and storage depots. Area of application – petrol stations for dispensing of light petroleum products, diesel fuel, liquified petroleum gas LPG, compressed natural gas CNG, multifuel petrol stations, petroleum storage depots.


POS systems and cash registers for filling stations



Delivery of petroleum products and accompanying goods (services) at petrol stations using various forms of payment: by cash or cashless types of payment -  using credit cards, smart-cards, coupons, pay-sheets, etc, with print-out of the fiscal cash check.


Remote control by the pulse interface or using the concrete proprietary exchange protocols of manufacturers of fuel delivery dispensers.

Complex accounting of movement of petroleum products and accompanying goods at filling stations with automatic formation of reports of various kinds.