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Wireless Communication Device for Petrol Stations


Wireless communication device (WCD) is a functionally and structurally complete device for wireless communication between devices with one of interfaces:

  • RS-232
  • RS-485

Wireless communication device for petrol stations

Wireless communication device unit

  Wireless communication device for petrol stations

Wireless communication device unit with antenna

WCD is used as a wireless alternative to wired lines and is installed to replace the cables (between external devices) with radio communication. WCD is designed to transmit/receive data via radio channel at a speed of up to 9600 bit/s in the frequency range (2410-2465) MHz with the transmitter output power up to 10 mW.

If cable routing between devices (which usually uses wired communication channels for data exchange) is impossible, then it is necessary to look for other means of communication, other than wired. Wireless transmission of data between devices is one of possible solutions to this problem. WCD is a variation of radio extenders for communication lines that uses RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces.

Wireless communication device for petrol stations

WCD is connected to an external device via communication interface RS-232 or RS-485 (2-wire or 4-wire) and is "transparent" to other devices (additional modification of the device is not required).

After switching-on WCD scans the radio channel on its own, searching for any other WCD devices in the network and establishes contact with them without any commands from the device, connected to WCD. Thus, devices connected to the WCD can exchange data over the air the same way as they did it using wired communication.

WCD operates in a mode of direct access to the radio channel, thus, external devices can exchange data over the radio channel, using their own protocols, addressing, coding etc. Using the protocol of addressing between external devices, WCD can be used to connect a group of external devices into the common network.

WCD is designed for application in different remote control and data collection systems. WCD can be easily integrated into already existing systems without redevelopment of the software.


Power supply voltage +9 … +24 V DC
Maximum power consumption from the power supply in transmission mode 0,36 W
Maximum power consumption from the power supply in idle mode 0,06 W
Transmitter output power, not more than 100 mW
Data transfer baud rate via radio channel Up to 9600 baud
Data transfer rate via interfaces (RS-232, RS-485) with external devices 1200 ... 115200 baud
Operating distance between WCD (indoors) , not more than 100 m
Operating distance between WCD (outdoors on open space) , not more than 1500 m
Operating frequency range 2410 ... 2465 MHz
Connector for external antenna RP-SMA (RSMA)
Interfaces for communication with external devices RS-232
RS-485 2-wire
RS-485 4-wire
Temperature conditions -10° … +45° С
Humidity conditions 5...95 %
Overall dimensions 90 х 180 х 67 mm
Weight 260 g


Wireless communication device for petrol stations


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